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Everyone loves music and when it comes to ways of listening to music we are limited to earphones or big speakers or the always inadequate phone speakers. Now that makes it difficult to share music on the go or with the use of a small device. That is where the vibro speaker by MightyDwarf comes into play. This speakers essentially turns whatever it’s sitting on into a giant speaker, be it a table, book or the top of a car. It does this by sending the sound vibrations to the bottom of the device which allows whatever it’s sitting on to reflect the sound back towards you.

So let’s take a look at the Might Dwarf BlueII Bluetooth vibro speaker.

  • Output power : 10 Watt
  • Frequency range : 40Hz-20KHz
  • Power Supply : Built-in Lithium-ion battery, charged by USB cable(Supplied)
  • Impedance : Satellite 4 ohms + Subwoofer 2 omhs
  • Size : D 76mm x H 68.5mm(D 3-inches x H 2.7-inches)
  • Weight – 290g
  • Bluetooth version : 2.1
  • Bluetooth Range : 10M

Let’s take a look at some shots of the device.

 Here we have all the contents supplied with the BlueII, It’s straight forward, We have the manual, 3.5mm audio cable and USB cable for charging.

Since this is a Bluetooth enabled device, it also sports some controls on the device, making it easier to control your music and as such this mean you don’t need to have the source out in the open when using the speaker.

The back of the device has the power button, Auxiliary-in for normal audio connection and of course the USB charging port.

The bottom of the device is where all the magic happens and in this case, it’s the source of the vibrations the Mighty Dwarf device will send out to whatever the device may be sitting on and that is what makes the Might Dwarf a special speaker.


The device is pretty straight forward to use and setting it up is pretty easy. The Mighty Dwarf of course allows you to connect to it directly with a 3.5mm cable which comes supplied, but for testing we are setting up the device with Bluetooth. The BlueII also has built in controls for play/pause, forward and rewind and volume control which obviously only work when using Bluetooth.

Connecting to the device is no different than any other Bluetooth device and you can be up and running in seconds.

We tested the device on many different surfaces and found that to be a fun part of the device, finding out which surfaces and objects had good sound compared to others. The speaker actually blew us away by how good the sound quality was, it’s actually shocking to hear such loud and clean music come from such a small device.

Using it on just a table or or small piece of wood. Then we moved on to putting it on the roof of a car and surprise surprise the sound quality was nothing short of fantastic. We did run in to some issues on certain surfaces, but considering your entire environment is at your disposal that really isn’t a big issue and since the device is Bluetooth enabled you can easily place it anywhere and still control the music on your phone/mp3 player.

We wanted to show you the quality of the speakers and that isn’t an easy thing to do, but none the less, the Blue II speaker deserves an attempt. We recorded a short video to show it in action on just a normal table. So check out the video below.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”400″]CSzabKJA51s[/youtube]

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    1. Possibly, however, that does depend on your dash. Not sure if the mighty dwarf would be suited for your needs, but it may work well, and you would have a great speaker you can use elsewhere and not just an okay one.

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