Review: Intel 4770k processor and Z87 chipset

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It has been a year since we saw the release of Ivy Bridge and finally we get a a look at the next generation which was dubbed Haswell. The new line of processors offer a performance increase but also scream more efficiency than ever before. So let’s start of the review with an introduction to Haswell and the new line up and mainly the 4770k that we are reviewing.

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Taking a closer look at the I7 line for the 4th gen series we can see we have quite the selection with different iterations of the 4770. We are reviewing the 4770k so let’s jump straight into that and take a closer look at it.

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Nothing has changed in terms of layout of the die when compared to Ivy bridge, the graphics inside the 4770k is the HD4600.

Along with the new Socket for Haswell(1150) we also have the Z87 chipset. So let’s take a look at a nice graphic of it below when compared to the Z77 that came with Ivy Bridge.

Haswell Desktop (9)

Here we can see the difference between the two chipsets. Mainly we are looking at the increase in both USB 3.0 and SATA 6 Gb/s connections.

That’s pretty much it for what is on paper for the latest gen, so now let’s get right into the testing. There will be lots of benchmarks done on stock and overclocked.  All of the tests are done without a graphics card as we are using the integrated HD 4600 GPU to complete the review. All stock benches were done on the Intel Dz87-75k board and all overclocked benches were done on the Gigabyte Z87-OC. You can see some images of both boards on the next page.

1. Introduction

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