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AMD Fury X (2)

It’s been over two years since AMD brought a new line up of graphics cards. We have heard whispers for the past few months that Fiji chip was set for AMD to offer their next level of cards along with the new and exciting HBM memory. The new line up is finally here and we have a lot to talk about, so let’s dive right in and take a look at what’s new with the AMD Fury X.

Radeon R9 Fury X
Stream Processors 4096
GCN Compute Units 64
Render Output Units 64
Texture Mapping Units 256
GPU Frequency ≥ 1050Mhz
Memory 4GB HBM
Memory Interface 4096bit
Memory Frequency 500Mhz
Effective Memory Speed 1Gbps
Memory Bandwidth 512GB/s
Cooling Liquid, 120mm Radiator
Performance (SPFP) ≥ 8.6 TFLOPS
TDP 275W
Power Connectors Dual 8-Pin
GFLOPS/Watt ≥ 28.7
Launch Price €720
Launch Date 24th June 2015

The official specs include 4096 stream processors with GPU clock speeds set at 1050MHz, which will offer a serious level of performance, but the stand out spec is of course is the 4GB of HBM memory, which features a 4096bit memory interface, which in turn offers 512GB/s memory bandwidth. Below is a breakdown of the new HBM memory and how it works.


AMD have moved away from GDDR5 memory and have launched the first product to feature HBM memory. The new memory is stacked directly on the GPU itself and is connected using an interposer. This not only increases the bandwidth significantly, but also reduces the size of the card. That is Fiji and it brings us the Fury X graphics card.

1. Introduction and Specifications

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