RED’s Hydrogen One set to ship this Summer

Last year saw the introduction in the smartphone world from new company Essential, and the first smartphone from Razer. The more competition and flavour of smartphones is always a good thing, and most would agree that the upcoming smartphone from RED is one to be hyped pretty well.

The Hydrogen One is going to be the camera makers first delve into the smartphone world and is set to bring some pretty interesting stuff to the market. We have a more firm on what some of the specs will include for the device, which is also set to bring the first holographic-display to market, which has been stated to be indescribable and something that has to be seen in person.

Inside we will have the Snapdragon 835x chipset from Qualcomm, a 4,500mAh battery, and a 5.7-inch display. The device will also sport dual sim as standard. We also have a headphone jack (woo) and USB Type-C for charging.

The Hydrogen One also sports some modulation with the back of the device inluding a pogo pin style system for expandability. This modules are stackable and we will probably see battery and camera modules to start.

The big spec that has everyone paying attention is of course the included 5.7-inch 2,560 x 1,440 4V display. The 4V mode (Holographic) is stated to offer a better than 3d image that simply pops out of the screen and without the need for glasses. RED are pushing for the totally immersive feeling from viewing content on the device, that of course can be shot with the 2 sensors on the back.

Pre-orders are probably going to arrive around April, with devices shipping around summer time. Pricing has of course not been announced just yet, but hopefully we get a full announcement closer to pre-order date.

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