Razer showcase Project Linda, a laptop dock for the Razer Phone

Razer are known for their pretty outlandish projects that they tend to showcase at CES,; for example, the triple screen laptop from last years CES code named project Valerie. The years before were also pretty crazy devices with little ever making it to market.

This year, perhaps Razer wanted to bring something a little more tame, but none the less cool. It has been done before, but Razers approach definitely comes across as very elegant and efficient use of space.

Project Linda is 100-percent an accessory for their first ever smartphone. It’s a dock; much like the Motorola Atrix Lapdock we seen a few years ago. Now phones have of course gotten much better over the years, and Razer believe it’s time their hardware is good enough for a more main stream use as a laptop; we agree.

The smartphone slots into the front of the laptop dock, and handles everything performance wise. The laptop dock is simply a keyboard, display and some I/O. Razer have stated the future device will have touch-screen, and include a built in battery and possibly storage.

Once the phone is docked, it becomes the track pad as well (Nifty). The fingerprint sensor is still exposed for unlocking the device, and even smartphone speakers are used for sound. The laptop dock is of course loaded out with a decent Razer Chroma RGB Keyboard, and illuminated logo on the back.

There is no telling if Project Linda will become a reality, but definitely feels possible, and more likely than previous projects. It would also be a very weak tease for Razer phone owners who would been keen on such a device. Pricing and available are of course unknown at this stage, but heres hoping Razer will push forward with this one and for a reasonable price.

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