PlayStation VR arrives October 2016 for €399.99


The VR world is getting bigger. Two months ago we had the pre-orders for the Oculus Rift, then last month we had the HTC Vive pre-order launch. The pre-order for the PlayStation VR has gone live and we now have the launch window and price tag.

The VR headset for the PS4 will arrive this October and cost you €399/$399/£349. The unit will come with A HDMI cable, USB cable, Stereo headphones, Processing unit, power adaptor, and of course the unit itself.

Sony were were quick to note that the PlayStation VR headset will require the PlayStation camera for positional tracking, meaning, you need it, no questions asked. Sadly the VR unit does not come with one as standard. So potential buyers will have to pick up the camera for an extra €59/$59/£49.

With the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, we have a lot of big hitters bringing VR more main stream.

The PlayStation VR is mostly the cheapest. It still requires a PS4 console on top of the units costs, but since both the Vive and Rift already have pretty high costs to start, and still require a beefy computer to boot. Their costs are much higher compared to the VR.

That being said, their experience should quickly excel that of the PlayStation VR due to performance differences. Assuming your dealing with the minimum specs for the Rift and Vive.

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