PlayStation 4 announced, Coming Holiday 2013


Unless you missed the entire internet lighting up about the announcement of the PlayStation 4, well here are some of the details that Sony have shared with us at the event. Let’s start off with some of the specs we got.

  • X86 CPU Architecture
  • PC based GPU(up to 2 teraflops)
  • 8GB of GDDR5 memory
  • CPU and GPU share the same die

Sony are aiming the PS4 more directly at gamers now and what to include as much social interaction as possible. Some of the stand out features include game /video sharing, instant play, fully immersive UI.


Dual Shock 4

Of course with the new PlayStation 4 comes a new Dual Shock controller and the new one while similar to the previous versions adds some functionality and the Share button.

dual shock

The Dual Shock 4 controller features a front facing touch pad much like the Ouya and the touch pad on the back of the PS Vita. Also built in is a light emitter on the front of the device for connecting with the stereoscopic sensor which Sony didn’t really go into. The share button is for quickly sharing gameplay videos(read Video/Game Sharing below)

Video/Game sharing

A big feature that will be apart of the PS4 is video and game sharing, the PS$ will record and compress video seamlessly in the background during every game, this not only allows you to share the video with anyone afterwards, but your friends can check out you playing the game while your playing it, even more you can let your friends take over the controls and play for you remotely.

Backward comparability

The PS4 will not have native support for PS1/PS2/PS3 games and instead will stream the games to the console using the cloud(Gaikai/Online).


What would console announcement be without some game demos and there are a few, so we included of the trailers/demos of the upcoming games for the PlayStation 4 below, another treat for the PS4 is instant game playing, no longer will you have to wait for the game to load, the PS4 will load a small portion and begin the game while continuing to load the rest to the hard drive while you play.


[youtube width=”650″ height=”400″]q59tHyhDMkI[/youtube]

Killzone Shadowfall

[youtube width=”650″ height=”400″]JUZJTjns6Qg[/youtube]

Infamous: Second Son(Exclusive)

[youtube width=”650″ height=”400″]tHSeyPl–Fw[/youtube]

The Witness(Exclusive)

[youtube width=”650″ height=”400″]Brd0F7rlXCI[/youtube]

Watch Dogs

[youtube width=”650″ height=”400″]6LZM3_wp2ps[/youtube]


[youtube width=”650″ height=”400″]u541wKmf0UU[/youtube]

Deep Down

[youtube width=”650″ height=”400″]d9UmHm9HA3c[/youtube]

While the games above are easily enough to wet your appetite for the PS4 below is a list of other games that will be coming as well.

  • Unknown Final Fantasy game
  • Destiny(with exclusive content)
  • Diablo 3

The PS4 will be shipping this coming holiday 2013 but other info like pricing/models has yet to be reveled(kept for E3 perhaps.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before we actually get to see the PS4 itself in the coming months.

PlayStation 4 See the Future

[youtube width=”650″ height=”400″]5hjx2Sd52U4[/youtube]

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