PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds launches on Xbox One this year

The hugely popular early access game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is set to launch on Xbox near the end of this year. The game which has met a huge fan base on PC is still apart of Steam’s early access program, with a lot of users enjoying the game, but condemning it’s bugs.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a hugely multiplayer battle royal style game with 100 players thrown into a match to determine one winner. Alliance’s are made and then ultimately broken or destroyed, and true plans of attack are forged within every single match.

Early access or not, a game with bugs is never fun for long, and some PC gamers feel that launching an unfinished game on another platform before at least ironing out the bugs on the PC is bad move and a waste of their limited resources in an effort to get more money.

That being said, there is still a big following for such a game, and perhaps extra cash flow from the launch on Xbox will allow them to finally release the a full game.

The game launches this year exclusively on Xbox One (for now). Check out the announcement trailer below.

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