Play 720p(actual) YouTube videos on your Android device

Recently Google update the YouTube app on all Android devices and some were given the ability to playback true 720p videos. This was something of a feature wanted by many people(myself included) but alas it only works for certain devices. This was somewhat of an annoyance for those who expetec the app to be able to play on there device. This includes me aswell as i have a galaxy note, Which happens to be one of, if not the fastest mobile device on the market. This of course makes no sense why it doesnt support 720p playback. Given the fact it has the highest resolution screen for a smartphone and 720p video looks incredbile, it was a shame that Google didn’t activate the 720p streming on it.

That is where the trusty devs over on XDA come in, user theos0o  has released multiple versions of the YouTube apps, all with the ability to be able to stream 720p video and other versions to do so under a 3G network. He even threw in a black themed version aswell.

How I installed it(theos0o)
• Removed /system/app/YouTube.apk (you need a rooted device for this step! If your device is not rooted, try ignoring this step, but installation may not possible.)
• If YouTube is still there, just go into its app info tab and tap “Remove installed updates” or something, then “Force stop”.
• Install my APK!
• Of course, your device must be capable of 720p video decoding!

All credit goes to theosoo, So jump over to the XDA thread(link below), and sign in and hit the thanks button. Also to download the version you require.

Source: XDA

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