Original Google phone revealed in Oracle Vs Google case

No doubt that Oracle and Google are having fun during their case against each other, but one thing that we geeks can take away is some no seen before photos of the original Google phone design. The design is somewhat blackberry/nokia e71 style. Let’s take a look at the specs of the device below.

ARMv9 Processor (at least 200MHz)
2-megapixel camera with dedicated hardware button
GSM (3G preferred)
64MB of RAM and ROM
miniSD for external storage
Bluetooth 1.2
QVGA display with 16-bit color or better
USB support

Now this was the original Google device, by that we mean it was probably their first real design and of course you can see just how far off it is from the actually designs they use today. Also considering the device wasn’t even touch screen which all Android now. Their is really no idea what was going on in the tech heads at Google and more than likely they had alot of designs before going with the G1 as their first device. It still very nice to see early iterations and designs of the devices we use to day.

Craig O'Sullivan

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