OnLive allows you to access Windows 7 to your mobile device

Onlive have announced there new app, The new app gives you the ability to acces windows 7 cloud computing directly on your smartphone or tablet. Onlive are known for there cloud gaming applications and micro console. Giving people the ability to play modern high end games on netbooks, Tablets and even Smartphones and directly to your television using there Micro Console.

The new app is launching on January 12th. Giving you access to Windows 7 and office applications from anywhere around the world. There are different versions of the app that will be available. The free version will give users 2GB cloud storage for all those improtant files. The $10 a month subscription based service gives you 50GB online storage. Priority server access(During peak times).

The third version of the app is called OnLive Enterprise. This version will allow companies to build there own package and allow them to customise it to better suite there needs.

*Update* The iPad app has now gone live, So if you want to give it a shot yourself, Then head to the app store and start downloading.

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