OnePlus X has arrived, priced at £199/£269


The OnePlus X is finally official, and is set to arrive November 5th in Europe and two weeks later in the US. OnePlus are again implementing an invite system for the device, but only for the first month, and from then on, users can purchase the device weekly.

So let’s talk about specs. The OnePlus X includes a 5-inch 1080p AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 801 chipset with 3GB of RAM. A 13MP f/2.2 camera sensor and 8MP front facing camera. The phone will have support for two sims, and expandable memory with a MicroSD slot. Battery capacity is a decent 2,52mAh, and charging is done via MicroUSB.

The OnePlus X is aimed at brining decent specs, but a more stylish housing. The base Onyx model will start at £199, but the 10,000 limited ceramic version will fetch £269 per unit (assuming you get an invite).

Both devices are the same bar their housing, and both have full on-screen button-less designs. The device will also feature the alert slider present on the OnePlus 2 – which allows for changing sound profiles on the go.

The new device will be running Android 5.1.1 using the OxygenOS. Again, the device invite start November 5th in Europe and the 19th in the US. The limited edition Ceramic version will go on-sale on the 24th of November.


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