Nvidia Shield Android set top box announced, arrives May for $200


Nvidia are coming to your TV. The Nvidia Shield Set top box is Nvidia’s effort to bring their version of a complete entertainment device to your living room. The box will be running Android TV as is being launched as the world’s first 4K Android TV. Specs include Nvidia’s Tegra X1 chip – which is touted to be double the performance of the Xbox 360. The hardware includes HDMI 2.0, Gigabi ethernet, two USB 3.0 ports, and a MIcroSD slot for internal expansion.

The Nvidia Shield takes advantage of Android’s voice search function with the remote including a Microphone for that very reason. The remote also enjoy’s Bluetooth connectivity and allows users to connect 3.5mm headphones directly to it for semi wireless audio.

The device isn’t just about 4K video content. It’s still a gaming device at heart. Being Android, it will have a massive availability of titles already, but Nvidia are going a step further and porting a massive list of high end titles to the device.

Another feature being bundled with the launch is Nvidia GRID. The game streaming service will give users two options. Free with the choice to rent and buy games, or paid with an all you can eat type subcription. The service basically streams high end games directly from Nvidia’s own supercomputer fields to the device itself. Not something we haven’t seen before, but being offered with 1080p 60fps should be nice bonus.

The Nvidia Shield launches this May and will cost just $200.

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