Nokia release beta of Z launcher for Android

Nokia Z Launcher

Nokia have just started a limited beta on a new launcher for Android devices.  The new launcher is aimed at providing a unique experience for each user, by placing the most used apps on the home screen, it will give users their own personal launcher without intervention. This includes sending message/calling a specfic persons, launching a regular app and more. It of course includes the usual app drawer. The launcher will continues to update constantly depending on your usage habits and includes quick access by swiping characters on the screen.

The beta is available for sign up now and access was fairly straight forward with users having to manually install the APK and must turn on unknown sources in the Android settings menu. The app has been optimized for the following devices Nexus 5, Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Moto X, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z1, with more support being added, but we would guess other devices should work without issues, but the opposite could happen. Sadly the launcher doesn’t  currently support rooted devices, and whether that will change is unlikely. We have included a link to the sign-up below.

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