Nokia E7 to start shipping December 10th

So it seems the new Nokia E7 is going to be shipping on or just after December 10th, Most of the time a new Nokia phone is readily available in Europe straight on launch, Considering Nokia is in Finland, This should be no different. The new Nokia E7(Business class) Is the newest Symbian 3^ device from Nokia, Coming just a few months after the N8, The E7 is going to be very similar to the N8 but inst going to have the wonderful 12 mega pixel camera but will however feature a 4 row slide out full qwerty keyboard, Which i think is a must for phones these days, Some people will type more on a phone in an average day then they will on there computer, It will also come with mini HDMI out as well, Meaning you can hook that bad boy up to your TV and watch some movies or TV shows.

Anyone look at the picture above will immediately see it resembles the n97, Which to say the least wasn’t as all that good, In fact, It was a disappointment, I really hope Nokia have learn there lesson, But why they are still using Symbian is anyone’s guess,Considering they did just take over the Symbian development. I guess Nokia have big plans for Symbian.

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