New World War 2 based FPS Battalion 1944 hits kickstarter

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There hasn’t been a solid World War 2 first person shooter since the dawn of the last generation of consoles. Games like Medal of Honour and Call of Duty 2 were ground breaking titles that offered some incredible experiences and countless hours of fun.

There are so many game kick starters out there, we can probably see a spin off from kick starter coming eventually, but in the mean time, let’s talk about this new one that launched today called Battalion 1944.

This World War 2 title is set to bring the experience of those fore mentioned games into the new generation of consoles. The game is set to offer a raw experience with zero addition beyond the pure skill and talent of the players. No perks or special abilities, no grinding, or level advantage scenarios. Fair and competitive gaming is the true aim here.

An announcement trailer has launched for the game, and the team behind the game (Bulkhead) share some details about how the game will be developed going forward, and how future players can participate in said development.

Kickstarter Page: Battalion 1944

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