New Samsung Gear VR unveiled

Gear VR 2016

As expected Samsung announced a new Gear VR along with the new Galaxy Note 7. Since the new smartphone ditches MicroUSB in favour of the newer USB Type-C, then a new Gear VR was needed to continue Samsung’s virtual reality efforts.

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The new Gear VR doesn’t just support Type-C, but continues support for MicroUSB but allowing the adaptors to be swapped out. The new headset is also a two-tone Black/Blue colour and has improved controls, USB Type-C pass through for hopefully some good accessories in the future.

Samsung also stepped up the comfort level of the new headset with some important improvements made to the padding to make it rest easier on your face while in use.

Lastly the field of view has been improved to 101-degrees up from the 96-degrees we had before. This should hopefully give a more impressive experience, and better along with the dark interior to cut down any unwanted reflections.

The new Gear VR arrives along side the new Galaxy Note 7 on August 19th.

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