MSI and Intel launch cashback deal for Motherboards and Processors, offering up to €140 cashback

MSI Cashback

MSI and Intel have teamed up for a pretty solid cashback offering on the way up to Christmas. The offer will include purchases of both MSI motherboard’s and Intel CPU’s. The list of boards and CPU’s included a pretty extensive (link for list below). The offerings start at €45 ad range all of the way up to €140. Picking up a Z97-GD65-GAMING motherboard and Intel Core i5-4690k will net you €45 euro cashback. If you happened to be grabbing a more beefier rig with an X99S Gaming 9 AC and 5960x –  that will put €140 back in your pocket.

The offer starts today and will run all the way up until the December 27th. The deal simply states you must wait 30 days after purchasing to input your claim details (link below) provide proof of purchase (regardless of point of sale) and you will get your cashback.

Source: Cashback details

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