Mirror’s Edge Catalyst pushed back to May 2016

mirrors edge

EA have just announced that the next Mirror’s Edge will be pushed back by 3 months from February 23rd to May 24th. Developer DICE have stated they plan on using the extra months to polish the games mechanics and make it as entertaining and memorable as possible.

It seems more and more games these days are getting delayed after the official release dates are announced. Recently Rainbow Six Siege saw a delay to December 1st, and Hitman was pushed to next year.

It’s not unusual for developers to rethink things as they get closer to the launch date. That being said, it’s also known that publishers put huge amounts of pressure to make certain release dates and gamers end up with buggy games. Other times publishers also rethink crowed release periods and wish to do without the competition. Honestly, we’ll never know exactly the real reason for the delay, but hears hoping it doesn’t get pushed further. Anyone remember the original launch date for the PC version of GTA.


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