Microsoft unveils Windows 8

So Microsoft are sure busy this week, They have just dropped a new video about Windows 8, Its quite interesting too. The video shows off a secondary UI that will acompany the normal UI on Windows. This UI is for running specific app coded in HTMl 5 and javascript and are designed to look and feel the same as all other apps that run on it. The UI is 100% touch screen and traditional mouse and keyboard capable and also allows the user to run two apps at the same time right next to each other. It looks extremly impressive to see and will look great on Windows slate tablet.

The design is directly formed from Windows phone 7, The tiles(Icons) are interactive and allow the display of certain information, Basically widget icons. The whole system works based on sliding to your desiered app, You can also switch apps by swiping your thumb from the left side of the screen and in. Check out the video below to get a great idea of how it works.

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