Microsoft roadmap leaked, reveals details on IE 10 and Office 15

What geek doesn’t love a nice leak and a leak is what we have today. The latest info to leak from Maarten Visser(source link below) and give us a momentary glimpse into the future of Microsoft let us know what and when to expect certain things. The already expected launch of IE 10 sometime mid 2012. One of the documents that were leaked also shows info about the next Windows Phone launch which can be expected closer to the end of 2012. There is of course info about Windows 8 launch but we can assume that will be around October. This will probably be the same time as the release of IE 10 give or take.

There is also a sign that the beta version of Office 15 will be dropping midway this year and the official launch early 2013. Let’s hope there is more info hidden someone in this document and there is no doubt we will probably be coming back to it to reaffirm other leaks.

Source: Maarten Visser Twitter account

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