Microsoft releasing Xbox One without Kinect this June for €399

Xbox without Kinect

Microsoft are kicking of some announcements before E3 starts, and possibly the biggest that would have come is a Kinect-less Xbox One. That’s right folks. Microsoft are set to release an Xbox One bundle on June 9th without Kinect included, making the bundled product no longer mandatory. The benefit of removing Kinect will drop the price of the Xbox One to €399/$300/£330. Microsoft were pretty firm only just a couple of months ago regarding the sale of an Xbox one without Kinect, but we’re guessing the continued defeat of sales with the PS4 has Microsoft giving in to those who want a cheaper console, and this is the only logical way of going about it.

obviously some may want Kinect after buying the console without it and as such Microsoft will be releasing Kinect as a standalone accessory this Fall, for probably €100/$100/£80, but pricing has yet to be announced.

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