Microsoft Q2 2013 results in: $21.56 billion in revenue with $6.56 billion profit

Microsoft have posted their Q2 2013 results. The company has reached a total of $21.56 billion in revenue with a nice $6.56 billion in net profit, their previous quarter showed a profit of $5.31 billion and the same quarter last year showed a profit of $5.87 billion. Here is a quick break down of their different divisions.

Windows Division = $5.88 billion (24 percent increase from prior year)
Business Division = $5.69 billion (10 percent decrease from prior year)
Server and Tools Business = $5.19 billion (9 percent increase from prior year)
Entertainment and Devices Division = $3.77 billion ( 11 percent decrease from prior year)
Online Servers Division = $869 million ( 11 percent increase from prior year)

Microsoft have also said that they have shipped out 60 million Windows 8 licenses. There is a lot more information to be read, if you wish to do so, just check out the source link below.

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