Microsoft finally announce the Surface 3 tablet running full Windows 8.1


Microsoft have finally announced the Surface 3 tablet. The new tablet which everyone was wondering about since the Surface Pro 3 launched some time back. The new slate goes in a slightly different direction than it’s predecessors and that’s the fact it’s ditching Windows RT and going for a full Windows 8.1. This is something a lot of users have hoped for, since it was the main thing lacking from previous Microsoft tablets.

A few of the main difference the new tablet offers of the previous gen besides the OS change is the new display. The Surface 3 features a 10.8-inch display with 1,920 x 1,280 resolution. The odd numbers should hint that were now also dealing with a 3:2 ratio display – same as the previously launched Surface Pro 3.  Also like the Surface Pro 3, the display sports pressure-sensitive pen input as standard.

Other specs include an Intel Atom processor (2GB OR 4GB available), a 3.5MP front facing camera and 8MP rear facing camera. Connections include USB 3.0, headphone hack, MicroSD slot, MicroUSB (also used for charging) and Mini Display port for video out. Not much of the design has changed, with the same magnesium housing and chamfered edges. Weight and thickness are down coming in at 0.34 inch thick/1.37 pounds, versus 0.35 inch/1.49 pounds compared to the previous Surface 2.

The new tablet arrives on May 5th with a price tag of $499. Different configurations are available with either 64GB SSD and 2GB of RAM or 128GB SSD and 4GB of RAM. Microsoft also said there will be an LTE version in the near future for $599.

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