Megaupload shutdown, FileSonic disable sharing service

Megaupload a few days ago was completly shutdown by the United States government. Megaupload was suspected in allowing Copyright infringement to happen regularly on it’s service, Giving people the ability to share Movies, Music, Software an other things illegally. While none of this has been proven there still has been quite a stir in the File sharing world and other cloud based services are seeing this as a threat to there companies.

Megaupload was used be millions of people worldwide, Now if the accusations do turn out to be true, That doesn’t seem fair for all the legitimate users out there who have no lost access to all the files previously uploaded and all the money they paid for there subscriptions, The U.S government  didn’t seem to care about the affect this would have on regular users and those who were not breaking any laws.

FileSonic which is another popular file sharing site has completly shutdown it’s sharing abilties, Meaning the original uploaded is the only person who can download those files, What that means is that it becomes just an online hard drive. Which is good for some people, But generally means the service is useless to around 99% of people who originally signed up for it in the first place.

The chain re-action of shutting down Megupload is causing alot of similar sites to remove the abiltity to either share with others, Or in most cases, Block out anyone from the U.S from being able to access the services, Meaing the government wouldn’t have any case against them.

The case for Megaupload is still fresh and alot more needs to happen to see what eventually will be the outcome in this.

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