Magnet launch new web tv service for Ireland

Some great news for well, Everyone in Ireland, Magnet have just launched a new Web Tv service called Magnetwebtv Go figure. Its pretty straight up giving anyone in Ireland, Or with an Irish IP i should say, Access to 5 TV channels online, Allowing you to view them live on your computer/laptop/mobile phone whatever you have. The channels are RTÉ One, RTÉ Two, TV3, E3 and TG4. To get access you must have an Irish IP(Being In Ireland) You also have to make an account with them which is free so no problems there. I used it for awhile and i have to say it works extremely well and advertises needing only a 1mb connection to do so. Playback was very smooth and overall quality was very acceptable, I must say this marks a new day for Ireland seeing as anyone accessing this service doesn’t need a TV license. I wonder what affect that will have.

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