Lenovo CEO spreads his $3 million bonus to all 10,000 employees

Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing has done a hugely commendable thing by distributing his entire $3 million bonus to the 10,000(give or take) staff that Lenovo have. Now it’s no doubt that a CEO of a huge company like this would make a huge amount of money regardless of their bonus, with Yang earning around $14 million last year alone, he is certainly paid very well.

Each staff will receive around $300 each and this is a huge amount of money for them considering the average monthly wage in Chinese factories can be between $350 to $450.

While a lot of CEO’s are deserving of their bonuses, it is nice to see some share the wealth with their employees and if nothing else increases the moral in the work place. Hans of to Yang for his part.

Craig O'Sullivan

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