Irish Note 7 users still awaiting replacement devices after battery related recall



Only days after the Galaxy Note 7 launched in Ireland were customers met with a global recall due to potential issues relating to the battery. Samsung have now reported nearly 100 devices have experienced this fatal fault where the battery has caught fired and caused the device to burst into flames.

Samsung did act quickly when reports were still in the low numbers and requested that all users return the device for a refund or replacement once they become avaialble. It didn’t take long and within 2 weeks Samsung had announced the exchange programme within Ireland, the U.K, and most of the world.

Customers were contacted by Samsung and told they would begin receiving replacement devices on the 19th of September, and in the UK this began to take place a week earlier than scheduled. The United States also had a similar programme and launched on the 21st of September, with half of the customers already receiving their new devices. The replacement programme is still in progress in the UK with customers receiving new devices every day.

Sadly the same cannot be said for Irish customers. Samsung released a statement detailing the exchange program would take place on the 19th; the same as the UK. They informed customers that their respective retailers/networks would be dealing with the replacements and would be in contact soon.

Three Ireland are one of the biggest networks in Ireland, and customers have been complaining that they have received no information from Three themselves with users still unsure on how to proceed. Vodafone Ireland were quick to offer loan devices to certain customers, but have also shared no new details regarding replacement devices.

We reached out to Three in an effort to get some information and thankfully have a full details their replacement efforts.

Process for customers who have not returned their device:

Customers are requested to return the device to their nearest store. They will be given a loan phone and a new Samsung Galaxy Note7 will be available in store for the customers to collect within 4 working days.

Process for customers who have returned their device:

Customers who have returned their device will be contacted from Monday 26th September to discuss getting a replacement Note7.

To further clarify, customers who have already returned their device and not received a refund will be contacted on Monday onwards to discuss their replacement device, with customers who have received a refund also being contacted in the coming days if they wish to re-order the Note 7 before it re-launches.

Customers who have still have their Note 7 are asked to return the device to their nearest store and will receive a replacement Note 7 that they can collect at the store within 4 working days and provided a loan device in the meantime (most likely only if avaialble).

Three also stated that any customers who avail of the exchange will be given a free 128GB MicroSD card as a goodwill gesture.

Vodafone have yet to detail their process for dealing with replacements, and customers have reported no contact or new information. We have reached out to Vodafone for a comment and will update accordingly.


Three have clarified that those who sent their Note 7 back and received a refund will be contacted and asked if they wish to re-order the device and will receive it before the relaunch to the public.

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