Irish Government pushing ‘three stirkes rule’ into Irish copyright law**Update**

This is something interesting to see happening, Not sure why they think it will have any affect in helping the music industry but record companies tend to never make mistakes! ha ha.

Anyway, Reported today In its final days, the Government is believed to be rushing through a statutory instrument that will amend the existing Copyright Act and which will give judges the power to grant injunctions against ISPs in relation to copyright infringement cases. The real reason this is happening is because back in October, UPC won a case against all the major record companies because the judge stated there was nothing in Irish law that required them to divulge such information.

The record companies were requesting that every ISP implement the three strikes policy. Meaning anyone caught downloading illegal would get warned three time and then disconnected if they didn’t comply with the rules!! simply stating the Irish government will violate privacy to try and stop piracy!!

Now while i can see why the record companies want something done, It makes sense they will try anything but for them to think that because they can’t download the music illegally a person will go out and buy it is just plain idiotic at best.

Think about it, A person walks into a shop and buys a new album, Brings it home, Rips it and then passes it too all his friends for them to do the same, While its still illegal to obtain said music with paying for it. It has nothing to do with any isp and simply means it will not stop people from getting music illegally.

Not sure while they think this will have an affect in there favour but it will have an affect in the oppistite way towards Ireland itself, By making ISP do something that should also be protected under Irish law.

[EXPAND Mary Hanafin]There is absolutely no truth in the rumour circulating in the media that I am about to sign a statutory instrument relating to the Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000 and/or the EU Copyright Directive 2001 …. it would be normal practice within the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation to consult all the relevant stakeholders in advance of legislation such as this being enacted. I would expect that this consultation will take place when the Department and the new Minister have a clearer view of the best way forward on this issue[/EXPAND]

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