iPhone 5 rumours round up, what really is to come

So, generally speaking we would normally have an announcement of the next iPhone to be release around this time, but since last year the new iPhone 4s was announcement and released in October. So this year we will see the same thing this year. The most important thing before any iPhone release is the rumours that will build up before hand. Now with any rumour you must always take it with a pinch of slat. That being said, we have been seeing a lot on what will be the next design or at least possibly the next design.

The leaked front panels shows an increase in screen size but by length only and this will be the first time there has been massive overall change in the device size and is much bigger than that of the change we saw from the iPhone to 3G/S and then again to the iPhone 4/s. These leaks now of course could easily be fake but it does go with the idea that Apple really need to increase the size of the display.

Currently the two biggest devices on the market are the HTC One X and Galaxy S3 and both have 4.7″ and 4.8″ screens respectively. So this does seem to be want the people want and personally I could never go to a smaller screen device. It was hard enough going from the Galaxy Note to the Galaxy S3, but luckily it was a small difference in screen size. The only downfall here is that there are some people who would hate the increase in size from the the iPhone 4/s so Apple do have a predicament on their hands as on one side they may gain a few new customers but previous customers probably won’t upgrade if the size scares them off.

That being said, it’s all really speculation at the moment and until we hear directly from Apple on announcement day, we really don’t have much to work with other than these few leaks once and a while. If this is the new iPhone, would you get it or would you rather a smaller device?

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