iPhone 5 Rumors

There has been alot of rumors lately about the upcoming iPhone 5, I have refrained from posting about them, Because sometimes these rumors mean nothing, But the newest reports coming in are showing that the launch of the iPhone 5 is imminent and should be the the first or second week of October, Also the above picture while just a mock up does look pretty nice.

The rumored specs are pretty straight foward but so far there is no way of knowning whether any of the them will hold true. What is pretty much gauranteed is the A5 dual core processor an 8 Megapixel camera. That’s pretty much it.

The other possibilities are larger screen with higher Resolution screen, No home button or capacitive home button. There are others but what’s evident that this will have some major changes to the iPhone 5 campared to the iPhone 4, Lets hope it’s for the better.

Alot of word is that there will be NO 64GB version of the iPhone 5, This is possibly because of the cost of it be extremely high, Which is something Apple will not want because of same spec Android devices will be going for much less and all of which have the ability to add memory cards, The iPhone has always been a closed system with no way of increasing the memory on it, Which is a shame and there is now 64GB micro SD cards available.

While most of the information about the upcoming iPhone 5 is mainly rumors, The release date has been spotted on internal memos at certain stores, Which all indicate the first or second week as the launch date, More than likely it will be the first week as mass sales are expected to last a week or so and the internal memos state no breaks allowed due to expected release of new phone.

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