iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4

With the announcment yesterday from Apple about the iPhone 4S and a release of its entire specifications, It would be obvious for us to compare it directly to the current iPhone 4. The different here is that because this is called and iPhone 4s, We knew straight away the design would be identical and it’s really just a bump in certain specs. Below is a list of specs from both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s which will let you know what to expect.

As we can clearly see there, The specs are nearly identical except for a few things such as Processor, Camera and the fact the iPhone 4s is a world phone with built in CDMA support. The weight of the iPhone 4s is just 3 grams heavier, which is nothing you will notice. The battery life is pretty much the same except for 1 hour difference on WiFi. This is a great thing considering the improvements overall and the fact the iPhone 4s is twice as fast as the iPhone 4.

There is one other thing that the iPhone 4s has that the iPhone 4 won’t, Which is Siri, The built in voice activated speech assistant. This does seem to be the most unknown feature about the iPhone 4s before it’s announcement which probably makes it the most intriguing.  Truth be told we won’t know how good it is until we see it in action for ourselves and that can be said about the entire device.

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