iPad 3 announcment tomorrow, here is what to expect

Apple are set to announce and launch the iPad 3 tomorrow, but what specs are with expecting!! Well here is an idea on what’s more than likely to come.

Retina display
An increased resolution over the iPad 1 & 2. Something in the lines of 2048×1536. This will be the most enphasized spec, mainly because it’s beyond full HD as we come to know it for a are T.VS and monitors.

8 Mega-Pixel Camera
There is most definetely be an increase in the camera quaility and 8MP just seems like it will be the most probable choice.

iPad HD
There isa big chance the device will not even be called the iPad 3 although the only reason for this would be if the only change was the screen and camera but it is about time Apple introduced a quad core processor like the A5x or A6 depending on what they call it, with the amount of new devices coming out like the HTC One x and Nvidia Tegra 3 and hopefully the Galaxy SIII all sporting quad core computing. There is no doubt Apple will have something up there sleeve.

Steve Jobs dedication
There will the also the chance that the new iPad will have some sort of dedication towards the late Steve jobs. This would obviously be to remind everyone just how important he was in the creation of the iPad and that he will never be forgetton, this is actually something I’m hoping for and it would make the iPad even better.Something like his name on the back.

Beyond that, there really is no telling what else the iPad 3/Hd will include and hopefully there is the “oh wait, one more thing” moment just so we can all relive the great moments of are beloved Steve Jobs.

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