iPad 2 Specs are finally here

So the event happened and the specs are finally here, The iPad 2 is now disclosed to the public, With most of the specs exactly what the rumors said they would be. So lets take a look a these specs.

First up is the release date, Which is March 11th in the US and 25th march pretty much everywhere else(Including little old Ireland).

Its 33% thinner than the iPad 1
HDMI out(Via adaptor)
Weight is done to 1.3lbs from 1.5lbs
Battery life is still the same with 10 hours use and 1 month standby
Built in Gyroscope
Front and rear cameras

The big differences are the fact is has the new ‘A5’ Dual core cpu, Which uses the same power as the A4 the current iPad has, Also they state up to 9x faster graphics!!! Which truly sounds amazing, Keeping in mind the battery life is still the same.

While the second generation iPad 2 is much better in alot of ways, There are the few features that haven’t made it onto the table. Like a USB port, Which i taught is stupid to see it missing from the iPad, I wonder if the data connection kit will work with the iPad 2

The prices are the exact same as the original iPad which was to be expected. Be sure to see alot of iPad 1st gen being sold now for cheaper.



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