Intel putting Windows 8.1 in a HDMI dongle called the Compute Stick, costs just $149



HDMI dongles have only be getting more popular, and consumers love the fact they can pick up a relatively cheap Android dongle and connect it to your TV, making it that much better. Intel have taking note are are launching their own version, but with rather impressive difference. Their device will be running a full version of Windows 8.1. The dongle is dubbed the Compute Stick and will include an impressive quad-core ATOM CPU with 2GB of RAM, 32GB built in storage, Micro SD slot and a full USB port. Both WiFi and Bluetooth are also included, and all together this unit brings the latest Windows OS to any TV/Monitor with HDMI.

Pricing for the new dongle with Windows 8.1 is set at $149, but Intel are also launching a lower spec 1GB RAM/8GB storage with Linux for $89. Both units arrive in March.


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