Intel no longer using Tick-Tock for processor development/release

Intel GDC announcement

Intel have announced they are moving away from their 2 year Tick-Tock cycle for an extended three year release. The Tick-Tock release has been used by Intel for the past decade. This technique involved using the same processing for two years, and then moving to a new process. Starting with a die size (e.g 22nm), and then a year later using a new architecture/microcode and then year after that moving to a new process (14nm)


The Tick-Tock cycle has been scrapped and now Intel are moving to a three year process length with Process, Architecture, Optimization (PAO). This new 3 year term will push the processing/die size for an extra year. The first will be Kaby-lake, which will launch as the third step in the new PAO cycle this year.

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