Intel make big 8th Generation hardware push with Mobile platform launch

Intel have made their big push for mobile with the introduction of their latest 8th generation for processors. The news today does also show some love towards the Desktop market, but the mobile world is definitely the bigger news.

Straight off the bat, the Core i9 branding has made its way to the laptop segment of Intel and we will be seeing a 6-core chip. The  Core i9-8950HK specifically has been stated to be 29-percent faster than the top 7th generation core i7 in general performance. It will be a fully unlocked CPU and offer up to 4.8GHz Turbo Boost speeds.

It’s great to see it’s not just the Core-i9 getting the six-core treatment. It’s still of course going to be the best of the bunch, but all Core-i7 chips will also offer six-cores/12-threads. The Core-i7 8850M will also offer some overclocking (we’re guessing multiplayer only) with a base clock of 3.6GHz and turbo of 4.5Ghz, we’re already seeing a decent chip.

All of the new 8th Generation mobile processors will include Intel Optane memory support. This will give OEMS the ability to include a very fast cache memory that should provide great benefits like faster booting and loading times in general with the use of a HDD.

The desktop side of things are getting some love with the launch of more low-powered chips for those looking to build a more efficient 24-hour system. The new chips range from Core i7 down to Core i3. Intel’s hoping their new additions will keep you covered no matter what you need.


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