Intel Ivy Bridge processors officially launched

Intel have officially launched there new Ivy Bridge line of processors and with them comes the 22nm goodness that is the Ivy Bridge architecture. The difference between Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge is the 20 percent increase in performance while also having a 20 percent decrease in power usage. The new chips are built using the 3D Tri-Gate transistor architecture. The also include the new HD Graphics 4000 GPU for twice the performance.

Intel are the first to bring 22nm processors to the game in the never ending tradtition of Intel we have a TICK on the map. The 3rd GEN LGA 1155 processors with there 3D Tri-Gate transistors. The technology from Intel which uses a uses a pillar design to contain three transistors on a line of the back, top and then front. This allows for the decrease in die size while also increase the number of transistors and we all know Intel are the kings of processors.

In this illustration from Intel we can see the layout of the new chips. The design shows the quad core layout neatly stacked above the Shared L3 Cache with the Graphics processor taking up the most space. The underlining statement being the new architecture with shared cache delivers more performance and energy efficiency. The processors see the integration of PCI Express 3.0 support.

The upgraded GPU also brings with it suport for Microsoft DirectX 11,  OpenGL 3.1 and OpenCL 1.1, aswell as Quick Sync 2.0 which will give you the ability to convert videos twice as fast as Sandy Bridge.

As we can see there a lot of new processors using the new architecture from Intel. These are not just desktop but also the new Mobile processors which have been spec’d for awhile now. There is no doubt going to be alot of benchmarks hitting the web.


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