HTC CEO bets big, will step down if HTC One isn’t a success

PeterChou HTC
HTC have been having serious financial issues the last two years and their CEO Peter Chou has put his job on the line for their next big launch which is of course the HTC One. Chou believes that this launch will take HTC out of their financial difficulties and back into a mainstream business. The HTC has already seen massive interest and will easily be one of the most popular devices released this year, so Chou may have a sure thing on his hand.

The HTC One has already seen a delayed launch with HTC citing supply issues due to them no longer being a tier-one customer, this is due to the lack of shipments the previous year. While the delay of the launch is only to the end of March/early April, this could cause a few sales to migrate to the Galaxy S IV which is due to launch the end of April.

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