HTC and Valve partner for HTC Vive VR headset

HTC Vive_White

HTC are bringing their own VR heatset to market. Dubbed the HTC Vive, the VR headset from HTC combines Vavles Steam VR technologies and HTC’s design talent for a VR headset. The Vive will offer a full room/360 degree tracking ability for complete immersion in a virtual environment. The headset will include high quality graphics with 90hz display. There is no word on resolution of the display, but currently the device has not set release date other than before the start of 2016.

Along with the Vive is the VR controllers and will offer a simple and intuitive experience. HTC and Valve have a lot of backing for the headset in terms of content. Google, HBO, Vertigo, Lionsgate are all on board for the headset. It’s still early days, but the Vive looks to already have a bright start.

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