HMV mistakenly taking pre-orders for MW3 Hardened Edition**Update**

Well this is pretty bad news for alot of Call of Duty fans. HMV have been taking pre-orders for the Hardened Edition of Modern Warfare 3, as it turns out they will NOT be getting the Hardened Edition and are informing customers that GameStop will be the only retailer getting the Hardened Edition of Call of Duty Modern warfare 3. HMV have been taking said pre-orders for months now and taking deposits aswell.

While HMV tried to inform everyone that they would not be able to get the hardened Edition with them so they could place pre-orders elsewhere, they seem to have missed a lot of people. The people who didn’t know about this in time are out of luck because GameStop are no longer taking pre-orders for the Hardened Edition of the game anymore. This means you now have no chance of getting the special edition of the game unless you order online from the U.K, which means you won’t have the game on launch day.

There has been an update from HMV, they have stated that they will in fact be getting the Hardened edition after all. Also anyone who cancelled there pre-orders because of the original error have nothing to worry about, their pre-orders will be honored  So as long as you have a pre-order from HMV already then you shouldn’t have an issue getting the hardened edition of the game on launch day.

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