Google+ The new Social Networking site(Initial impressions)

Okay, So Google have been busy whipping up.. well… There own face book, Google+ is essentially them mixing Social Networking into google. Which is a fantastic idea, Seeing as nearly everyone in the world use’s google, It makes sense that your social interaction on the internet could be done with Google aswell.

So what differ’s Google from other Social networking site’s. At the moment not much, Its only begun and is in very early stages, Although i must say i do feel a sense of ease when using the site. It feels simple and elegant. They currently only allow new members through invite from other members. Which is a great way to get higher demand for it.

The site’s layout is very similar to other social networking site’s, Mainly facebook comes to mind when looking at the above picture. But remember, That’s how google search page has looked for many years, Long before Facebook even. So there design is really there own.

I must say that i do enjoy using there site. They also have an android app aswell(No surprise there) Which has a fantastic function called instant upload. Basically every picture you take will get uploaded to a private folder on your Google+ account, Which is pretty great for backing them up aswell. Any picture you wish to add to other folders can be done later or right there on the phone.

It’s still early days for Google+ but they have already seen massive demand and had to stop invites for the time being so they could increase there server capacity to maintain them. Which is great!!

Stay tuned for more information, There is still lots of features on Google+ that i need to check out!!

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