Google Music offically launched(U.S Only for now)

Google have officially launched there music service, The service which has been in beta stage for sometime now. The service gives the user the ability to upload the entire collection of music to Google’s own servers and stream them from anywhere in the word on laptop, Tablet or phone. The service now also gives you the ability to buy songs directly from Google. This put Google in direct competition with iTunes(And other services). It’s not like Apple and Google aren’t competing in other markets.

The only concern for this service is price, Although Google has a much bigger impact on the internet, Which means they should have a decent user base from the beginning. Then there is price. People always look for deals, Given that its just a few clicks away, It will most likely come down to the cost of each song/album compared to other services like iTunes. Let’s hope it’s launched in other countries soon.

Craig O'Sullivan

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