Google Home announced, basically Google Now for your home

Google Home

Google I/O has just started and Google Home was the first announcement out of the gate. As expected, Google Home is Google’s challenge to Amazon Echo. The device is aimed at brining Google Now to your home for the same functionally and more.

Google Home. 2jpgGoogle Home includes a built in speaker for voice responds and music playback. The intention of Google Home is to allow for impressive home automation and allow you to control all of your devices with your voice. With Google Now being integrated, it can control your calender, your navigation for your day and all planning and communication.

Google Now will also evolve with Google Assistant. This will allow users to ask even basic questions like “how many starts are in the Galaxy”, but is aimed at even allowing you to do more completely tasks like book a taxi/uber.

Google Home is set to arrive later this year, but region release details have yet to be announced. You can head over to to be notified for more information.

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