Google Drive finally official

It’s has been expected for some time now and it has finally arrived. Google Drive is now official and gives anyone access to 5GB of free online storage. The new service from Google comes after while of speculation and guessing games of it’s launch and of course it was inevitable that Google would launch it’s very own cloud storage service. The user will have the ability to upgrade their respectable storage quota to a huge 16TB if they are in desperate need of such huge offsite storage.

Google are stating some great promises in terms of security and of course the 99.9% uptime. The new service is already fully integrated with Google docs to make it even easier to share those important documents with friends and colleagues. There is already available the Google drive app for accessing stored files on both iOS and Android markets.

The prices for the storage if you wish to go beyond the free 5GB for signing up is as follows. 25GB for $2.49/month(€2), 100GB for $4.99(€4)/month and a whopping 1TB for $49.99/(€40)month.

Source: Google Blog


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