Google Chrome Looses Beta, Maps update to include offline data

Google today announced that Google Maps would have the ability to save maps for offline use. They just pulled the trigger and the new Maps app is available for download on the Play Store(link below). Clicking on the menu button and then hitting Make available offline will allow you to select a specific area by displaying a box above the map, you simply zoom in and out to select and area and that part of the map will be saved for use offline.

Google have also update Chrome for Android and finally is it out of its beta phase. This is the first stable version of Chrome to hit Android devices. The update also see some performance increases of the last beta and some minor UI adjustments(mainly on the tablet side of things) This update as like the maps is also available for download right now on the Play Store(link below)

Source: Play Store(Maps)
Source: Play Store(Chrome)

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