Google announces Search by Image and Voice, Also new instant pages

The Google people are at it again, They have just announced a new search function, Actually two!! First is the ability to search by image, Give you the ability to search by uploading the photo and letting Google take you to any information it finds on the massive amount of data on the internet. The second search function isn’t really anything new but coming from Google, They will probably do it pretty good. Straight forward it’s search by voice, Giving you the ability to search by shouting at your computer and hoping it gets it right. It’s good to see Google are still trying to improve the ability of searching the internet, It’s pretty obvious by now they are the go to site for searching among other things. Check out the video’s below to see the new functions in action.

The next new thing they launched is ‘Instant page’s’ By allowing the person to load the first result from any search in the background(By guessing) if that is where you are heading, As soon as you click on the page, It will load instantly. The only problem may be if you don’t want to head to that page, Or if you plan to head to sub-link on the webpage. Check out the video below to see it in action.


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