Google announce their voice powered assistant called Google Home


Google are ready to enter your living room with their latest product, and even more so than the Chromecast and other gadgets you probably already have in their from the search engine giant. The new device is very much an Amazon Echo competitor and is ready to become your voice powered assistant and Bluetooth speaker.

Google Home is very similar to the Echo, whereas it’s activated by your voice (OK Google) and will follow your commands like ‘Play Billie Jean on Spotify’. The device will also include control for smart devices like your Heating system, Lighting, Blinds, and more, again much like the Amazon Echo.

What separates it from the Echo, is that it’s powered by Google’s search engine and Google’s AI Assistant and will allow you to text your friends, make appointment,s and get directions. The device will also be able to control your Chromecast devices and push videos from YouTube using your device, and soon allow you to give commands such as “Play Daredevil” once Netflix support is added. You can also switch to playing audio from any Chromecast audio device.

The design is clearly Google with large cylindrical curve. The microphones and speaker are internal with the device aimed at provided decent audio quality. On top we have a capacitive touch controller , should you wish to use it instead of your voice.

Google Home is already avaialble for Pre-order and launches only in the US for now for $129. Check out the video below for more information.


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