Google announce HDMI streaming tech dubbed Chromecast

Google announced Chromecast which is their version of a HDMI streaming dongle. The dongle is a rather small 2-3-inch device that incorporates a watered-downed version of Chrome OS. The device is powered by a micro USB and connects to your WiFi network and allows you to stream your video directly from your devices to your TV. The device will work on Android, iOS, Chrome for Windows and MAC giving you more options than any previous HDMI streaming device available.

Google are also releasing the Google Cast SDK which will allows developers to tweak all of the current mobile apps to support the casting to tv functions. The best part about the new Chrome Cast device is that it will only cost $35, at least in the US as there is no word on release anywhere else, but we are looking forward to it when it arrives. also for a limited time the device will come with a free 3 month subscription to Netflix.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]cKG5HDyTW8o[/youtube]

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