GameStick Android based gaming console hits KickStater, reaching its goal in just two days


Kickstarter is a great place for new products to not only get much needed funding to bring them to life, but also get the recognition they deserve. San Francisco company PlayJam is pushing out a new product this year and they launched their KickStarter page just 2 days ago. The new product is the GameStick. Which is an Android based TV Console. This new device works much like the upcoming Ouya console which will be due out this April and also gain attraction through KickStarter reaching over $8.5 million, being one of the highest on KickStarter. The Game Stick will come in a much smaller package being just a bit bigger than a thumb drive.

The device runs on a Amlogic 8726-MX Dual-Core processor with 1GB of DDR 3 RAM and 8GB of flash Storage. Built in WiFi B/G/N and Bluetooth 4.0 as you would expect. The controller will use Bluetooth and the console supports up to 4 simultaneously. The stock controller(above picture) houses the GameStick device as well.

Check out the source link below(KickStarter) and perhaps make a pledge and possibly snag yourself an early prototype.

Source: GameStick KickStarter Page


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